Cave Glow Studio

Cave Glow Studio is a small family operation run by Emma + Jake. They are both about working  with responsibly sourced beeswax, soy wax and concrete in small batches to create mindful, thoughtful & affordable lighting products for the everyday home.

At Cave Glow Studio, Emma and Jake believe that self-awareness and mindfulness can help us all contribute more vividly to the world around us through a lens of social and environmental justice to create meaningful change. The mere act of lighting a candle is a ritualistic reminder to center and ground ourselves, and with a bit of curiosity, that ritual can lead to a much richer understanding of ourselves and the societies around us. With the right intention, the small act of lighting a candle can help to uncover the psychological power of personal and social change. 

Their studio’s mission is to hold space for curiosity, experimentation, failure, and growth--and hope to share with and encourage others who are out there exploring their personal journeys as well.

It is their hope that their products will lead us to decompress, meditate, celebrate and illuminate your space.