Wave Candle

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Wave Style:
Height: 14"
Width: 7/8"
Candle Composition & Product Care

The candles are individually hand-sculpted with paraffin wax. We find this wax has the
opportunity for the widest colour-range and is the best to sculpt a variety of shapes with.
The candles are burnable and are odourless. The flame can get tall and does drip hot wax, so
just be aware. Keep away from a draft or anything flammable. Most people seem to just use
them for decor but they can be lit. Just like with any taper candle, we recommend that they
not be left unattended or be burned down the very bottom - extinguish when there is 3 at
least inches remaining.

Sculpting candles has required much of our patience. Once the wax is thoroughly heated
through to the needed temperature -- different wax colours require different temperatures -
- we can begin to sculpt the candles into the desired shape! We must work both quickly and
delicately, as the wax hardens rapidly and tears with ease. Once cooled, we polish the
candles, trim the wicks, and triple-check for any imperfections.